I wanted to be with her all the time.

That doesn't mean anything.


"Here's the traitor, Your Majesty!" "Please, Your Omnipotence, have mercy!" "After you've scrubbed all the floors in Hyrule, then we can talk about mercy! Take him away." "Yes, my liege!"

The river flows into the Bay of Fundy near St. Martins, New Brunswick, and serves as the endpoint of the Fundy Trail.

Do you want to see the list?

I wanted to win the prize, but failed.

Your car is cheaper than mine.

Don't make a fuss.

You should be careful in crossing the busy street.

All of my friends like Phillip.

You took pictures at the wedding, didn't you?


It's been a slow day.

I want you to watch this video.

I won't tell you Ramon's phone number no matter how much you try and pry it out of me.

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He took advantage of the fine weather to paint the wall.

They have just arrived.

Travis is eager for the apple.

Hubert treats me like I'm still a kid.

Everyone in the girls' class brought their own lunch.


I do so much for you, but you do nothing for me.

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Here's the key, here's the contract.

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What do you expect in return?


I stood here for thirty minutes.

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What happened at school yesterday?

When white light shines through a prism, the light is separated into all its colors.

I'm sick and tired of eating the same thing for lunch every day.

How long do you intend to stay here in Brazil?

Life is full of confusing things.

I'm not hiding the truth from them.

If you push the button, the engine will stop.

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Didn't anyone question you?

The dictionary is small.

I've asked her to help us.


I think Subra would've come if you'd invited him.

I remember it like today.

Delbert was totally impressed.


I'm a huge fan of yours.

We saw a castle ahead of us.

Izzy always keeps his room neat.


Is that your sister?

I can't stop thinking about it.

We're having a bachelor party for Kevin at my place tonight.

Your camera is not as excellent as my camera.

You're losing precious time.

Why do you have a house in Germany and another one in Turkey?

What are your hopes and dreams?

Spock has had the same boyfriend since she was eighteen.

Where's Mum?

I do all the work.

May I see you in private?


I don't have anywhere I need to be.

Elric said that he wants to learn Hebrew.

Alexis is very busy now.

She has a genius for music.

Choose the T-shirt you like the best.

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When the boy came in contact with the hot stove, he burned his hand.

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What do you think of this color scheme?

Let Hank have fun.

We scaled a sharp peak.

George is awfully short.

I intended to go with him.

I'm still mad at him.

His delay made the situation all the worse.

I regret not having heard that conversation.

Freeze right there!

Ole is still the best student in your class, isn't he?

This story can't be published.

Sometimes he talks a little weird.

East Timor is called "Timor Leste" in Portuguese.

Can I count on your help tomorrow afternoon?

I found the book interesting.


Are my socks dry already?

Pascal was determined to leave the company.

I'm here because I think I can help you.

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He burned the croutons.


The stamp fell off the envelope.

Case had his ear pressed to the door, trying to hear what was going on in the next room.

Guido is a girly girl.

We have finished the work in accordance with her instructions.

I caught my finger in the door.


She got to the other side in 30 minutes.

It would be better for you to read more books.

Do you remember what I told you before?

Toby is an office administrator at an electronics company.

The frog jumps, because it doesn't know how to walk.

You sound relieved.

We tried with might and main to break open the door.


He broke both his legs.

Isabelle told me that he could get us what we need.

To many people today, "competitive" is a bad word.

You're a psycho.

Without animal testing in the early days of the human space program, the Soviet and American programs could have suffered great losses of human life.

This assignment is to be handed in on Monday.

I might be a little late.

I would like the least expensive one.

You're such a hard worker.

Powders of aluminium, magnesium, silicon, etc. explode.

I hope Teresa has enough money to buy what he needs.

Is this your picture?

They refused to be drafted.


Did you really eat everything?

It's about time I was going home.

Why did her father go to Japan?


I'm not angry, just hurt.

I told you I was coming.

A company that stifles innovation can't hope to grow very much.

What're you planning?

My parents died in a traffic accident when I was thirteen years old.


I am dying to see her again.


Nicholas lives with his parents in Boston.


Just jot your name down on a piece of paper.


I don't feel like cooking tonight.

The policeman tore the signboard from the house.

The price rose.

Go tell those fibs to someone else.

I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more!!

The train from Geneva will arrive at the station.

The swimming event was called off.


Erwin won't ask you to work late.

She is absorbed in knitting.

What pains you, pains me too.


The best efforts of the human race, in addition, were necessary to assist the gods in their cosmic task.


There were a few moments of confusion.

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Chip will know.


How can I help these people?

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Take his car keys.


That child has few friends.

Even Hume doesn't know about it yet.

We heard Donna.

What are you worried about?

How many hours have you been studying?

Can I leave a message, please?

Sundar was very nervous.


Richard ran up the stairs towards Kirk's office.

If we don't receive Joon's reply within the next three days, I think we should write him again.

The Library of Congress is one of the world's largest libraries.

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She is in excellent physical condition.

I have known her since she was a baby.

That should be easy.

He loves being in the spotlight.

Milo says he needs time alone.

I wake up at the sound of the alarm.

Do you think I want to die?

Did Piet leave Jacques or did she leave him?

Dan met with Linda in a park.


What is the difference between Malcolm and Mairy?

I will go there by plane.

He was accredited to the chairman.

Klaus seemed reluctant to leave.

I think we should go straight to Boston.

Ron has decided not to press charges.

I can't stand rudeness.

He has no leisure for sport.

One day I found a book there.

Spiders, scorpions, and ticks are arachnids.

He knew she had been busy since morning.

Globalisation has led to 24-hour trading.

This drives me crazy.

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Bring her in here.

I had to wait for him wake up.

Everyone is staring at him.

Gary has been getting a busy signal every time he tries to call Rodger.

There is an urgent need for social change.